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Message from the Director

杉山 温人
Dr. Haruhito Sugiyama
Director of Center Hospital

I was appointed Director of Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine on April 1, 2019.

The principle of our hospital is to offer optimum comprehensive healthcare and to contribute to the society by overcoming diseases and promoting people’s health.

We have been striving to provide quality medical services as an advanced acute hospital with comprehensive healthcare as its foundation.

Our hospital is the one and only national center which operates as a general hospital equipped with medical cooperation system among medical specialists and staff across the departments, and each department has its own specialty such as global infectious disease response, medical care for diabetes mellites, AIDS treatment and emergency medical treatment.

We are also putting our effort in cancer treatment as a local designated cancer hospital.
The feature of our hospital includes surgery on patients with multiple complications or on elderly patients, treating complicated medical conditions, comprehensive medical care for patients with disorder of unknown cause, and psychiatric patients with multiple physical disorders.

We also have excellent support for mothers and children throughout perinatal period and treatment for infertility, and our Genomic Medicine Department offers outpatient genetic counseling. With high level medical care based on comprehensive medical system, we are able to provide wide range of care to patients with various illnesses and symptoms.

We have established the International Health Care Center to promote care for international patients, and have been accredited by the Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP).
Our hospital has also been certified as the recommended hospital of “Japan International Hospitals (JIH)”. We endeavor to enhance our systems for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in summer 2021.

We strive to become a core clinical research hospital as a hospital of a National Research and Development Agency.
Making full use of our parallel establishments such as the Research Institute, Center for Clinical Science, and Bureau of International Health Cooperation, we will promote research and development of innovative medicinal products and medical equipment, and will fulfill our prominent roles in international-level clinical research and investigator-initiated clinical trials.

We would appreciate support and cooperation of our patients in participating in our clinical researches and providing biological samples such as blood and/or medical information to be used in research at our Biobank.

We are determined to devote our utmost efforts to realize our contribution in overcoming diseases and promoting people’s health.
We appreciate the continuing support and understanding of all local primary providers, medical experts, and our patients.