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Admittance to the Hospital

Procedures for Admittance

  • 入院受付入口/入院受付写真入る
  • 入院受付入口/入院受付写真入る

For those patients who require hospitalization, we will determine the expected date of admittance upon discussion with the patient. Once your admittance date is fixed please come to the admission desk (on the ground floor of the Main Building) with your patient registration card.

For those patients who require hospitalization, but could not decide on your expected date of admittance before leaving the hospital, we will contact you via telephone between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. on the day before or two days before your expected date of admittance (for example if admittance is on Monday we will call you on Friday)

  • If you cannot come to the hospital on the expected date of admittance due to any inconveniences, please be sure to call the admission desk (TEL : +81-3-3202-7181)
  • There are times when expected dated of admittance has to be changed due to inconveniences on the hospital. In that case we will call you and let you know immediately.
  • Please perform admittance procedure at the admission desk on the day of your admittance. Submission of the following documents are necessary at that time.

The following are the documents required for submission on the day of admittance:

Documents 1 to 4 will be given to you in advance (upon making admittance reservation). Please fill them out and bring them on the day of your admittance.

  1. Health insurance card, claimant certification
    (public medical care certificate for the elderly, medical consultation ticket, etc.)
  2. NCGM patient registration card
  3. Seal (Japanese signature stamp)
  4. Admission Form
  5. Certificate of sponsorship/payment liabilities
    Both applicant and sponsor must sign this certificate.
  6. Documents on personal data
    This is an agreement between the patient and the hospital on not providing the patient’s personal data to a third person (including patients’ family) without patient’s consent.
  7. The original copy of the Limits Applicable Certification(Eligible for 75 years old or below)
    This is a system in which patients can avail to lower the hospitalization expenses by patients applying directly to the “issuer of
    the insurance organization”. Please contact the person responsible for details and complete the necessary procedures prior to admittance.

Things to Bring


  • Patient registration card, health insurance card, claimant certification (public medical care certificate for the elderly, medical consultation ticket, etc.)
  • All medications you are taking currently, prescription record, directions on the medication (drugs to be prescribed and all drugs prescribed from other hospitals)
  • Toiletry (soap, toothbrush, comb, etc.)
  • Utensils necessary for meals (chopsticks, cup, spoon, etc.)
    (Not necessary for patients in the private rooms (13th to 16th floor))
  • Daily necessities (pajamas, towel, underwear, slippers, tissue, etc.)

Items above can be purchased at the kiosk (shop) of the hospital.

  • And other items necessary for your everyday life (Please minimize your belongings)
  • Please avail the laundry service (washing and drying) at the basement floor of the main building
  • Please refrain from carrying a large amount of cash or valuables. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any losses.


Please acknowledge that we may ask patients to transfer to another room or ward according to the patients’ condition. There are a bed, bedside cabinet, safety box, locker and towel rack in a patient’s room. For privacy reasons, we have refrained from indicating names at the entrance of patients’ rooms. We also have paid private rooms. If you prefer to avail a private room please make your request to your attending physician during your outpatient consultation or when you make admittance reservation or to the floor nurse. Expenses for the private rooms are not covered by insurance and full payment will be required.

Executive Floor

Changes in your insurance status or expiration

In case you lose qualification of your insurance or details of your insurance change while your admittance please confirm to the admission desk immediately.

  • If your insurance card becomes invalid without taking necessary procedures, wecannot claim for insurance and may have to ask for full payment from the patients.