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  • Meal times - Breakfast: around 8:00 a.m. / Lunch: around noon / Supper: around 6:00 p.m.
  • Meals are prepared and cooked at the hospital based on the menu organized according to the patient’s condition. Please refrain from bringing in any food or beverage for prevention against food poisoning. A special treatment meal might be served for the purpose of treatment depending on the condition.
  • Meals are delivered to your room at designated times.
  • We may ask you to stop eating for treatments or tests, or wait until tests are completed.
  • As for the standard meal fee, we ask for a payment of 360 yen per meal. Please note that even if a patient refuses to eat upon their convenience, their meal fee will still be charged.
  • We prepare special menus (multiple) in addition to the standard menu for patients who take the following meals for very breakfast, lunch and supper: regular diet (regular, porridge, for nursing woman, for school child) and therapeutic diet (a part of energy control diet, EI-F to EI-J) If you prefer to eat one of the special menu please submit the “Multiple Menu Application Form”. If you ordered a special (multiple) menu but chosen a non-standard meal you are required to pay an additional cost to the above standard meal fee on your expense.
  • Nutritional care during your hospitalization will be conducted by a medical team (physician, nurse, pharmacist, nutritionist and other medical providers).

Nutrition Administration Department
 Nutrition Administration Director  Kawano

*NCGM has been certified for Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients in September 2015. We are thriving to cope with increasing foreigners to Japan in the years to come. We provide meals based on Japanese “Washoku”, an intangible cultural heritage with “hospitality”. It is my pleasure to introduce to you our new menu “Sakura Diet” which has been developed in consideration to religious meals. Halal certified products of Japan Halal Association, Japan Muslim Association and Nippon Asia Halal Association are used to prepare “Sakura Diet” and we began providing this menu from April 2, 2016. We hope you enjoy our healthy, safe and tasteful meals.