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Paid Private Rooms

  • Price/Amenity List
  • 特別室A

We have privates rooms available in the upper floors
(13th to 16th floor) with a nice view. If you prefer a private room please
notify your attending physician, nurses or at the admission desk.

Special Rooms

We support our patients’ recuperation with an extended range of amenities.

Layout of the room



This is a common layout of a special room. Amenities are different according to the rank of the room.
Wheelchairs are available in all rooms (there is enough space around the windows allowing stress-reduced smooth movement while on a wheelchair).

Amenities (example)

conference room / waiting room / bath tub / sofa / TV(2 units) / DVD / desk / bed cabinet / locker / refrigerator / electric pot / cooking appliances / LAN

  • 浴室
  • トイレ
  • 会議室


  • 特C
  • 特D
  • 特E