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Precautions upon consultation

  • Those who are currently contracted by an infectious disease
  • Those who are currently undergoing treatment for a disease
  • Those who have eaten breakfast

Those who fall under the above, please inform a nurse or the reception desk since we may need to postpone some examinations or cancel the entire checkup.

For women

  • You cannot receive consultation if you are pregnant or suspected of being pregnant.
  • Please avoid making a reservation on days when you will be menstruating.
  • If you are currently breast-feeding, please inform the nurse or the reception desk. We may need to postpone some examinations or cancel the entire checkup.

Precautions on consultation for non-Japanese

  • Please bring an interpreter (one interpreter per patient) if you cannot speak Japanese. Please inform the center about the contact information for the interpreter upon making a reservation.
  • You will be asked to show an identification card that indicates your name and your date of birth (not acceptable by fax).
  • Details of the consultation, medical questionnaire and stool collection kit (all in Japanese) will be sent to you by post in advance.
  • The screening report is only available in Japanese. It will take 3 to 4 weeks for the report to be delivered.
  • For those without a Japanese health insurance card, the price of the screening is 1.5 times of the listed price.

Other precautions

NCGM does not conduct specific medical checkup or provide specific health guidance.