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Benefits and Features of the Screening


Followings are considered to be the benefits of health screening:

  • Early detection and treatment of abnormalities that have not been noticed during your daily life.
  • Accurate medical assessment of your current health status and recording of examination results of your healthy state.
  • Improvement of your current condition and predictions of your future in order to maintain health.

Features of our health screening

Comprehensive health checkup (health screening) in Japan started at the National Tokyo Daiichi Hospital, the predecessor of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, in 1954. We provide highly accurate health screening based on our years of experience and achievements.

Support system with highly specialized and comprehensive medical care

As a highly specialized medical care center, we provide solid, reliable results by utilizing our most updated facility and state-of-the-art medical devices. If a disease is found we can start with treatment immediately at our institution.

Counseling to improve your life habits for better health and health care

The development of hypertension and diabetes and the progression of symptoms of such diseases can be prevented by having healthy life habits. In order to achieve this goal, our physicians specialized in this field and nutritionists will provide counseling about your lifestyle while predicting future health risks. In addition, we will refer you to a medical institution in your neighborhood to assist you in maintaining a healthy life.

Collaboration with the new medical information system

Our center will work with family doctors to promote health care by sharing examination results.