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Dr. Mori Ōgai also traveled the world from here
Tracing Dr. Mori Ōgai’s footsteps

  • MORI Ōgai was born in 1862. He was the oldest son of a family of physicians to the daimyō of the Tsuwano Domain.
  • Although he is primarily known as a novelist, young Mori Rintarō (his given name) studied medicine at Tokyo Imperial University. He helped out at his father’s clinic for a short time after graduating, then became a medical officer at the former Tokyo Army Hospital (now the NCGM). Then, in 1884, he moved to Germany to study military hygiene. In 1887, during his stay, he and Kitasato Shibasaburō entered Koch’s Hygiene Institute. He also represented Japan at the International Hygiene Exhibition.
  • After returning to Japan, he became the principal of the Army Medical School (the present-day site of the NCGM). Along with that, his brilliant achievements as a novelist are common knowledge in Japan.

*The exhibition room contains the desk and shelf that Mori Ōgai used when he was a principal. It was a gift from Kobori Ōichirō (Dr.), Mori’s grandson and former Hospital Director of the NCGM.