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Message from the Hospital Director

杉山 温人
Dr. Haruhito Sugiyama 
Hospital Director

I was appointed hospital director of Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine on April 1, 2019.

The mission of our hospital is to provide optimum comprehensive healthcare in overcoming illness and promoting health, with aims to contribute to the society.

We have been striving to provide quality healthcare services as an advanced acute hospital built on the foundation of comprehensive healthcare. We are characterized by our specialties such as global infectious disease response, diabetes care, AIDS treatment, and emergency medicine. But above all, our hospital is the one and only national center which functions as a general hospital with medical cooperation among specialists and staffs of all departments. We have been responding to COVID-19 since late January 2020, making the best use of our function as a general hospital.

We are also dedicated to treating cancer patients as a local designated cancer hospital. Our features include performing surgeries on patients with multiple complications and elderly patients, treating complicated medical conditions, and providing comprehensive care for patients with conditions of unknown cause. We have excellent support for mothers and children throughout perinatal period and provide fertility treatment, and our Genomic medicine department offers outpatient genetic counseling. As a Special Functioning Hospital, we provide advanced medical care built on comprehensive healthcare system, where we address the needs of patients with various illnesses and symptoms.

We have established the International Health Care Center to facilitate care for international patients, and have been accredited by the Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP). Our hospital is also recommended as one of “Japan International Hospitals (JIH)”.

We strive to become a core clinical research hospital as a hospital of National Research and Development Agency. Taking advantage of our privileged environment, we work together with the Research Institute, Center for Clinical Sciences, and Bureau of International Health Cooperation to fulfill our prominent roles in clinical research and investigator-initiated clinical trials at an international level. We also promote research and development of innovative pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, pursuing their globalization. We appreciate support and cooperation of our patients in our Biobank by participating in our clinical research and providing biological samples such as blood and medical information to be utilized in research.

We will make the utmost effort to contribute to overcoming illness and promoting health. We appreciate the continued support and understanding of all local doctors, healthcare providers, and our patients.