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For First-Time Patients

Registration Hours

Please refer to the “Outpatient Services“ for more info.

Registration Area

“First Visit” counter on the 1st floor of the Main Building.

Anyone seeking initial medical care at this hospital is required to bring a “referral letter” (issued within three months prior to the registration) from their clinic or medical institution.

Points to Note

  • Make sure to bring your “Japanese National Health Insurance card” and “medical certificate (if you have any)” when you visit us. If you do not have a “Japanese National Health Insurance”, please bring your private insurance documents (travel insurance, etc.).
  • Bring your referral letter (patient referral document) issued by your doctor, as well as X-ray films/CDs and your medicine pocketbook.
  • “The Department of General Internal Medicine” is the department that provides consultation to make comprehensive diagnosis for first-time patients. Please note that patients who are not sure which department to consult are advised to visit the department first, and may be introduced to specialized department of our hospital after consultation.
  • Limit on number of departments you can visit in a single day
    In order to ensure smooth running of outpatient services, we basically limit the maximum number of departments that you can visit in a single day to 2 departments as a rule. Your kind understanding would be appreciated.

Days Outpatient Clinic is Closed

Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3)

  • Some departments do not accept walk-in-patients on certain days of the week, so please contact us for detailed schedule of each clinical department.

The Flow of your Visit: Registration to Going Home

Filling out “Registration Form”

  1. “Registration Forms” are available on a desk nearby the “First Visit” counter. Please pick one to fill out.
  2. Please pick a plastic “waiting number tag” from the top of the stack of tags in a holder placed on the “First Visit” counter.
  3. Make sure to fill in all required fields surrounded by the red line (full name, date of birth, current address, nationality, telephone number, etc.) on the “Registration Form”.
  4. Please be seated and wait with completed registration form on hand until your number is called.


  1. Proceed to the “First Visit” counter when your number is called.
  2. Submit the “Registration Form”, “Japanese National Health Insurance card”, “referral letter”, etc. to the “First Visit” counter staff.
  3. You will receive a medical questionnaire form. Please fill it out and submit it to the “First Visit” counter staff.
  4. When your registration is completed, you will receive your hospital ID card and “Confirmation Sheet”, and be given a direction to the outpatient department that you are visiting. Please wait in the waiting area of the department.
    The digital display at the department you are visiting shows consultation room numbers, names of attending physician, consultation numbers of patient in the consultation room, and consultation numbers of waiting patients.


  1. Please go into the examination room when the consultation number on your confirmation sheet appears on the display.
  2. After the completion of your consultation, you will receive a folder containing “Confirmation Sheet”, prescription, etc. and be given a direction to the billing counter.

Consultation Order for First-Time Patients

Since our hospital uses pre-appointment system for follow-up visits, the consultation order for first-time patients varies depending on the severity of their condition or the department they are visiting, but it will usually be as follows:
1) There are times we see first-time patients in between patients with a follow-up appointment.
2) Doctor may see the first-time patients after the consultation of all patients with appointment is completed.

Billing and Payment

  1. Please submit the folder (containing “Confirmation Sheet”, etc.) to the “Billing (Outpatient)” counter. You will be given a billing reception ticket.
  2. When the calculation of your payment is completed, the number printed on your billing reception ticket will appear on the digital display on the wall to notify that your bill is ready to be paid at the Automated Payment Machine.

Note: Your next appointment schedule is printed on the receipt produced by the machine.

Prescription Drugs

  1. Out-of-hospital prescriptions are usually issued to patients who need medication. Such prescriptions need to be submitted to an insured pharmacy of your choice within 4 days (including its issue date) to receive your drug(s).
    Note: In-hospital prescription may be issued for investigational new drugs, in-house formulation, etc., which can be picked up at the pharmacy in the hospital.