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Visits / Chaperon

Visitation Restrictions

Due to the re-spreading of the COVID-19 infections, visiting hospital patients will be completely prohibited from November 21, 2022 (Mon). We will consider when to resume visits in light of future infection status.
Your understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated. 

To our hospital patients

  • Going outside the ward will be restricted except when necessary (including medical examinations)
  • Since it will increase the infection risk, visits to the basement floor shops, Tully’s coffee shop, and restaurant “Bien Mall” will not be allowed. Please purchase the necessary items before hospitalization. Also, a mobile shopping cart will come around the wards, so please purchase necessary items from it.
  • Visits outside the ward (atrium or cafe) will not be allowed.

To the families of hospital patients

  • Only one person will be allowed to accompany the patient at the time of admission and discharge.
  • Baggage drop-off and pick-up will be accepted at the time mentioned below.

Monday to Friday:
14:00 -16:00 At the General Information Desk on 1st floor.

Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays:
14:00 – 16:00 At the General Information desk on 1st floor.

  • We encourage you to use laundry service (charged) and rental items (including daily use items and diapers: charged) in order to minimize baggage drop-offs.
  • Ward may not be able to respond quickly, so you may have to wait to pick up patients’ laundry and other items.
  • If you need to deliver valuables (such as cash, IC card, mobile phone, insurance card, maternity passbook, etc.) or fragile items, please notify to the General Information Desk, and do not include them in the baggage.
  • Fresh flowers, food, and beverages which are not permitted will not be accepted.
  • Basically, delivery of baggage to patients is done after 4:00 PM. Please let us know if it needs to be delivered immediately.