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  • Upon confirmation with your attending physician, the head nurse will be in charge to discuss with you on the date of discharge.
  • Once the discharge date is decided, the ward clerk will explain the discharge procedure and estimated hospital expense by the day before your discharge.
  • For patients with a stabilized condition, we may ask you to transfer to another medical institution. In such cases, we will prepare a patient referral document (referral) that includes consultation results and treatment plans. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Discharge will generally take place during the morning.
  • The discharge procedure will take place at the “Discharge Accounting Desk” on the ground floor of the Main Building from Monday to Friday or at the critical care clinic desk at night and on holidays. A ”Discharge Slip ” will be issued after the payment. Please bring this slip to the floor nurse. You will be given your patient registration card and discharge prescription.

Payment of Hospital Expenses

Hospital Expenses

Hospital expenses are calculated at the end of each month and a notice of payment (invoice) will be delivered to the patients on around 10th day of the following month. Please make your payment by end of the same month you receive the notice. Payment can be made by a credit card.

Day of Discharge

If you are to be discharged, please complete the payment of the hospital expenses for that month on the day of discharge based on your invoice that will be given to you at the “Discharge Accounting Desk”.
If a notice of your payment is given to you in prior to the discharge and is unpaid, regardless to the payment deadline, you can make the payment upon discharge. We ask patients to prepare hospital expenses by the day of discharge as all the payments must be made at the time of discharge.
There are automatic teller machines (ATM) in the hospital if you need to withdraw money. Please be aware of theft upon withdrawal.

Payment Methods

You can make payment at the automated payment machines across from the cashier's desk. We also accept payment at the cashier's desk.
You can pay in cash or by credit card. We take credit cards shown below.
In case you cannot make payment on the day you leave the hospital, you can also pay via bank transfer to our designated bank account.
*If you pay via bank transfer, your bank transfer slip will be your receipt.

Estimated Amount of Hospital Expenses

The ward clerk will inform you the estimated amount until the day of discharge on the day before the discharge.

Medical Expenses

The medical expenses to be paid vary according to the type of insurance and whether or not you are in receipt of the public fund. You will make out-of-the-pocket payment based on the medical insurance system that which you are insured.

Therapeutic Diet Expenses

As hospital expenses, separately from the medical expenses, the payment of “therapeutic diet expenses” is necessary. In some cases the payment of therapeutic diet expenses is waived depending on the type of publicly funded health care you are insured for. Self-pay payment of 50 yen plus consumption tax per meal is required if you ordered any multiple menu.

Reduction in the Payment Therapeutic Diet Expenses

If you belong to a family exempted of municipal inhabitant tax, the payment of therapeutic diet expenses can be reduced. If you fall under this category and are insured by the National Health Insurance or possess Advanced Elderly Medical Insurance Certificate, please attain a “Reduction Authorization Certificate” issued by the municipal office of your residence.

Limits Applicable Certificate/ Standard Share Reduction Authorization Certificate

You must apply to a health insurance association in advance upon your admittance.

  • Obligation fees at the time of admittance will be reduced. Please show your health insurance card at the “Discharge Accounting Desk” on the ground floor of the main building on the day of your admittance or as soon as possible.
  • Application for the following insurances: at municipal office for National Health Insurance, at Social Insurance Office for government-managed insurance, at Corporate health insurance society for other types of insurance

Payment of the Hospital Expenses

NCGM adopts medical fee claim based on DPC/PDPS system (comprehensive system of medical expense payment based on Diagnosis Procedure Combination) since April 1, 2012

Medical fee claims (fixed claims) are usually made to the insurer (health insurance association) at the end of each month; however, classification of the claim that has been made may need to be altered at the time of discharge due to a request for an administrative review. In such cases, the person in charge of the admittance will be responsible to contact you. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and understanding for any reimbursement of the hospital expenses or payment of the shortage.

Special Room Charge

We charge additional fee to patients who applied for special rooms.

For Special Room please click here