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Patient Admission


Mar. 2, 2023
Face Masks During Your Stay at NCGM(PDF:301KB

Admission Process

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  • 入院手続きについて
  • 入院手続きについて

If hospitalization is required, date of admission will be finalized after discussion with patient. Once your hospital stay has been outlined, please come to Admission/Discharge Support Center (ADSC) on the ground floor of the main building with your Patient Registration Card.

* A reception number is required to be served at ADSC. Please use the queue number machine placed at the entrance of ADSC, and select “Admission Booking” to get a ticket. Our receptionist will call you by the number indicated in queue ticket.

Patient, who fails to confirm admission schedule at ADSC by two days before the outlined admission day, will receive a phone call from us. Hospital staff will inform the time and date of admission between 3 and 5 p.m. (It will be on Friday if outlined admission date is Monday.)

  • Make sure to contact your doctor in case that you need to change the admission schedule for any cause. (TEL: +81-3-3202-7181)
  • Affected by hospital circumstances, your admission schedule may need to be re-arranged. You will be contacted via telephone in such case.
  • Please come to ADSC on the day of admission to start the admission procedure.

* A reception number is required to be served at ADSC. Please use the queue ticket dispenser placed at the entrance of the center, and select “Admission Today” to get a number. Our receptionist will call you by the number indicated in queue ticket.

  • You will be asked to submit the documents mentioned below on the day of admission.

Necessary Documents and Items to pack for hospital stay


  • Japanese Health Insurance card, Medical Care Recipient certificates (Publicly Funded Health Care certificate, Medical Consultation ticket, etc.
  • NCGM Patient Registration card, personal seal, Admission Application form with pledge and guarantee letter, Patient Consent forms, Long-term Care Insurance certificate
  • Original certificates of Health Insurance Limit application and/or Standard Burden Reduction Authorization
    (* Health Insurance Limit application enables you to limit payment amount to co-payment when total medical cost becomes large. Please contact your insurance association or insurer to know if pre-applications are required.)
  • All medications you are currently taking, along with Prescription Record book and medication instruction sheet with photos (including medicines prescribed by other hospital/clinic).
  • Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, hair brush, etc.)
  • Chopsticks, spoon, folk, plastic cup, etc.
    * Unnecessary for patients to stay in the private rooms on the 13th to 16th floor.
  • Daily necessities such as bed attire, towel, underwear, slip-resistant flat shoes, facial tissue paper, earphones, etc.)
    Rental patient clothes are available.

      Details of the rental service: patient clothes, gowns, towels and so forth.

  • Writing tools
  • Other necessary items (denture, hearing aids, glasses, shaver and storage items for those.)
  • Mother and Child Health Handbook * If admitted patients are pregnant or children.

* Some items are available at the hospital kiosk/convenience store.

* Laundromat is available in the basement of the main building of the hospital for washing and drying.

* Please keep your luggage to minimum.

* You are advised not to bring valuables or large amount of money. The hospital cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to any personal property.


Please kindly understand that patient may be asked to change room/ward because of her/his own medical condition. Our rooms are equipped with bed, bedside cabinet, safety box, locker and towel rack. Patient’s names are not indicated at the entrance of each room due to privacy reasons.

Private rooms are available. If a private room is preferable, please make a request whenever it is convenient for you: make your request to your doctor at outpatient consultation, to ADSC staff, to ward nurse. The cost relating to the use of private room is fully paid by you as it is not covered by Japanese health insurance.

Private rooms in the Executive Floor

Training for Healthcare Professionals

As one of the designated hospitals for clinical training to promote training general practitioners advocated in a national policy-based medicine, NCGM endeavors in fostering clinicians with comprehensive knowledge and skill by offering quality trainings. In addition, we also accept student nurses for practical trainings as appointed facility for the nursing science department of National College of Nursing, Japan. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation for the practical trainings for future experts engaged in highly specialized medical cares.

Changes in Japanese health insurance status; eligibility, validity, etc.

Please inform our Admissions Office without delay, in case of any changes in your Japanese health insurance such as loss of eligibility and other conditions during hospital stay.

If your Japanese health insurance card becomes invalid for the failure to take necessary procedure to renew it, your claim cannot be made or accepted by insurer, as a consequence you will be asked to pay full medical cost.

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